We are creating the best comprehensive solutions to help companies succeed and run their business effectively. Financial and business consulting services expand our traditional accounting practice.
We use innovative technologies to help you digitize your business and use data intelligently.


Personalized and proactive accounting consulting services ensure you can run your business securely and reliably.

FIN-Servis is a reliable partner, regardless of whether you are just starting out or are running a company with a long tradition.

We record business events accurately and ensure tax compliance with organized business records, accounting reports for tax authorities and fulfilled mandatory regulatory requirements. 

In response to the growing number of business events, operational complexity and large volumes of information, we are deploying services that extend our traditional accounting practice with business and financial consulting services. 

Our consultants become your right hand and help you:

  • Control your costs 
  • Recognize opportunities for optimizing your business processes 
  • Minimize risk
  • Identify and realize your potential 

Reach beyond accounting services with financial and business consulting. Everything in one place!

Case study
Accountants are managers’ most important allies

People used to believe that accounting is concerned only with the recording of business events. However, this perception has become completely obsolete recently.

Zoran Sodnik
CEO, Avto Lovše d.o.o.

“During the epidemic, we were unexpectedly left without the person responsible for accounting. We contacted FIN-Servis and they responded practically overnight and took on our company’s key processes within the week. Because of the size and the business scope of our company, we were initially skeptical about engaging an external provider of accounting services. Our experience with FIN-Servis convinced us. Business events are recorded faster and we can quickly get to the data that I can use to make decisions. I would particularly emphasize their professional and advanced approach to recording and understanding business results.”

Financial consulting

We manage and analyze your financial operations and can oversee and set up the foundation for business growth.

We help you build a solid foundation and create the right conditions for company development and growth. By delivering the right information in real-time, we help you make the best decisions for your company.

As part of our services, we:

  • Analyze and optimize your business processes and reduce your costs
  • Manage your solvency so you always have available funds when you need them
  • Provide the knowledge you need to successfully navigate complex government programs and apply for aid
  • Carry out due diligence reviews
  • Provide support and solutions to help you manage business downturns
  • Manage the processes involved in selling or acquiring a company
  • Prepare financial analyses and support your investment decisions
  • Consult in a crisis and carry out preparations for insolvency proceedings
  • Prepare a cash flow strategy and different scenarios so you can respond to unpredictable situations effectively and successfully

We design a custom business solution that leverages the skills of different professionals, partnerships and the design of custom solutions.

Case study
Financial consulting

We will rely on five simple steps to work with you to lay the foundation for successful business growth.

Klemen Zahar
CEO, Kavarna Tiskarna d.o.o. and Park Žibert

“We thought migrating to a new accounting firm would have been a lengthy and time-consuming process, so we were delaying the decision. However, we needed more than just someone who would record our business events. We needed a trustworthy advisor who would identify opportunities and help us seize them. We are very happy with how simple and effective the transition to FIN-Servis was and the results we have achieved together.”

Analysing and optimising your business

Realize the untapped potential of your business and improve your competitiveness.

We leverage our experience and knowledge to identify unrealized potential and help you reach it.

As part of our services, we:

  • Analyze processes and look for potential opportunities to help you save resources, time and effort
  • Establish goals and recommend measures and solutions
  • Ensure your data is accurate and up to date
  • Provide comprehensive support to lead you as you implement your measures
  • Optimize manufacturing, procurement, logistics, sales and other processes

We improve your business performance to drive profitability and improve your company’s competitive position.

Case study
Analysing and optimising your business

How do you realize your business’ untapped potential and improve your competitive position?

Iztok Wolf
CEO, Interwolf d.o.o.

“FIN-Servis helped us identify opportunities for improvements, set up measurable goals and monitor our performance. We have improved our liquidity considerably as we managed to align our monthly financial obligations with our revenue to create a liquidity buffer and ensure uninterrupted operations. We can now respond to challenges and opportunities faster and more effectively. At the same time, FIN-Servis presents us with clear and useful up-to-date information that facilitates our decision making.”

Streamlined digital operations

A reliable, secure and effective digital archive system that adapts to your unique requirements. 

  • Instant access to information and documents.
  • Save time and money
  • 24/7 online access to your company data
  • Visualize your business performance
  • Encrypt and store your data securely

Projekt (P4D-C19) Finance Accounting

Analytics & Inteligence (FAAI) – Improving decision-making processes and creating added value of financial and accounting data and services based on digital transformation.

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